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exhibited in "Tankut Öktem Kristal Çağ Kapılarında", Ataturk Cultural Center (AKM), November 2021. 

The artwork named "Sgraffito" is made by Tankut Öktem who was a well-known sculptor and the artwork is located on his atelier's wall in Bursa/Turkey. This video work done by me was exhibited in AKM (Atatürk Cultural Center, İstanbul) "Tankut Öktem-Kristal Çağ Kapılarında" retrospective exhibition of the artist in 2021.

MULTI-CULTI ENCOUNTERS // urban // goldfish
exhibited in "Good Design İzmir_6: Müşterek Gelecekler", December 2021. 

Multiculti Encounters criticizes the human-centered hierarchies in the co-existence of humans and non-humans in different contexts. Both in the relation of stray animals and humanbeings in the urban atmosphere and in the absurd human habits on a domestic animal, we see how these encounters are established by the superiority of a single species. In order to defeat the consequences of enviromental crisis we have been through, reconsidering those relationships and human-centered perspectives is a must. The humanbeing who designs the goldfish's lifetime environment according to his own taste also shouts out his existence in various ways in public space. So, isn't it possible to create more empathetic encounters with other-than-humans?

January 2022 

This video work follows my article about comparing the dress in contemporary art and the dress in Soviet textile design. Comparing a contemporary artist's (Mehtap Baydu) female body and identity-focused performances with Constructivist textile designers' (Popova-Stepanova) ideology-building productions provides us to discuss the meaning and the possibility of the object becoming a subject of art and design. So, learning from both sides, this video investigates the 1920's constructivist textile patterns and discusses today's dressing forms on a female body clothed and constructed by society's gender and identity roles in essence.

November 2021

Customer: KTSM (Kale Tasarım ve Sanat Merkezi)
Studio: Karşılaşmalar



Customer: Pine Makina
Video Editing: Serdar Kaan Çapkan
Media Agency: Creathing
Click here for wandering in the 3D Showroom.

August 2021

Customer: Pine Makina
Media Agency: Creathing

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