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Within the scope of the course titled “Performative Research as a Knowledge-Based Decision-Making Tool”, the research investigates the artworks which deal with the notions of self, identity, and subject in a performative way. In this context, the artists Cindy Sherman and Sophie Calle, and their related artworks have attempted to be depicted to produce knowledge for my own project called "A Sincere Showdown" emerged in June, 2022. In other words, dealing with a notion through the artwork itself or learning from an artist’s approach guides the “performative method” of a project.


One of the most instinctive human needs is to want to know who we are, the purpose of our existence, the meaning of our lives. The determining issues on our identity and who we should be, have been and continue to be discussed for a long time in philosophy, sociology, literature, and art, especially as a subject on which modern human speculates in various ways. Art is a tool for manipulating the boundaries of your identity and creating a new reality. As a unique medium one could let herself/himself exposed to a new situation, art is isolation from yourself and being someone else or being anonymized. It has been challenged by many artists in history, however; Sherman, and Calle are needed to “be in a dialogue with” due to their works’ richness, unique narratives and methods in this study.

See the board below for research details.

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